Mark your calendars for Sunday, January 27th for Uniquely Auburn 2013.

This year’s event will be held at the Auburn Performing Arts Center at 2 pm.

Stay tuned for updates!

For more information:

Uniquely Auburn reflects the Auburn community of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are gathered to tell and listen to stories of family and community that continue to make Auburn unique. It is a special opportunity to be together to celebrate what we have been and how we dream to be as friends, neighbors, and community members.

The Beauty of our Roots

Roots are not typically regarded as beautiful. It’s understandable. They’re unseen, by nature pretty demanding, and often tangled. It’s typically the plant–the flower or the tree that we call beautiful. It’s the “who we are and where we are today” that get recognized and get all the credit. But it’s where we come from that is most responsible for who we are and what we bring to the planet.

Auburn anchors the main roots for some while hosting new roots for others. It is a relatively new home to people from Africa, Italy, Eastern Europe, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and several places between and beyond. It’s not necessarily what we left behind that is always beautiful. The beauty is more the essence of who we are and what we hold dear–our love of family and community, our gifts and talents, our music and art, our food and culture, our desire for justice and fairness–those are the beautiful parts of our roots.

We recognize the hidden beauty of each and every root and the exquisite opportunities for tangles that add richness to our relationships and our community. The stores where we shop, our colleagues at work, our friends at school, our fellow members at church and in our clubs–they all hold boundless potential to form new and wonderful roots that will anchor the future. Be curious about them.